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In contrast to tablets and capsules, HempWorx Daily Sprays have a 98% absorption rate. Hempworx CBD Oil and CBD Products varieties: Daily Spray Value Packs, Trim 365 Spray, Peak Spray, Boost Spray, Brain Spray, Sleep Spray, Beauty Spray, Core Keto Spray, E-Cell Sprays, Passion Spray, Shield Spray, Ultra CZ Spray. HempWorx integrates the best of tech and wellness into a full portfolio of portable sprays since technology is now transforming health for millions of people. Your go-to supplements, Daily Sprays, provide a spray of nutrients whenever you need it with a clever small micronized delivery method. Daily Sprays are always available to enhance daily performance, support your body’s demands, and provide the correct energy for every situation. The pocket-sized sprays are easy to store in your car, travel bag, handbag, or drawer.

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