Beyond Edibles Xobiotic Squares


Enjoy delicious dark chocolate squares
Product Benefits

  • High antioxidant and Probiotics
  • Delicious taste
  • Packed with vitamins, nutrients & Omega 3



Beyond Edibles Xobiotic Squares 30 Count

Delicious and Nutritious Dark Chocolate Squares with Probiotics

The cacao used in Beyond™ Xobiotic Squares™ has eight times the amount of epicatechins and catechins as well as four times the amount of procyanidins as cacao made using ordinary processing. The antioxidants in Xobiotic Squares™ come from blueberries, acai, and cacao. Available in counts of 30, 60, and 120.  100 Daily Health Vitamins

For hundreds of years, people in many cultures have relished dark chocolate. We’re only now starting to understand the possible advantages. Most of the health-promoting qualities of cacao are lost during standard processing, which is utilized to make commercial chocolate. Contrarily, the cold processing of HempWorx Beyond™ Edibles Xobiotic Squares™ protects flavanols and other important nutrients, including antioxidants. The primary class of flavonoid present in cocoa are flavanols. Research indicates that flavanols may have additional potential effects on promoting vascular health in addition to their antioxidant properties.

Doctors and health experts throughout the world trust HempWorx & MyDailyChoice Beyond Edibles Nutritional Supplements. We presently ship to USA, Canada, Australia, and more than 85 other countries. Our products are not just produced and marketed in the United States; they have gained a sizable following all over the world. Products made by HempWorx & MyDailyChoice are supported by rigorous testing procedures for each batch. HempWorx upholds a standard of non-GMO, pure, organic, and natural products that are both safe and efficient to use.

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