Daily Sprays Shield Supplement


Product Benefits:

  • Gluten Free & Dairy Free
  • Encourage immune function
  • Enhances your pH level using natural ingredients
  • Also comes in 8 quantity value pack


HempWorx Daily Sprays Shield Supplement

A healthy body is one that is in equilibrium

The newly developed HempWorx Daily Sprays SHIELD Supplement, an alkaline composition with coral calcium that helps sustain the optimal pH levels your body needs to live an active and balanced life, was created with that as its inspiration. SHIELD’s ultrafine micronized delivery technology makes it an easy, daily approach to support and strengthen the internal processes your body uses to keep its pH level balanced and alkaline. SHIELD contains advantageous components that help your body’s innate capacity to maintain a balanced alkaline diet and act to buffer acidity in the vascular system. Try SHIELD Daily Spray today to bolster your body on a daily basis with a convenient, portable spray. Use with HempWorx Daily Spray 20 Value Pack

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