Mantra Essentials Oil – Frankincense


Product Benefits:

  • Warm scents encourage a grounded feeling in yoga and meditation exercises.
  • Any aromatherapy collection must include calming scents.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Encourages the look of smooth, wholesome skin
  • When applied topically, may support maintaining the look of glowing skin.


HempWorx Mantra Essentials Oil – Frankincense

An oasis of aromas with Mantra Essential Oils

Mantra Essentials Oil – Frankincense, sometimes known as the “King of Oils,” is a coveted and expensive essential oil that has been utilized for ages in healing rituals. It’s perfect to disperse during yoga or meditation sessions because of the calming atmosphere its pleasant, welcome perfume generates. You may smell Frankincense calming scent for yourself. A potently grounding essential oil that is always available for you at any time of day is Mantra Essentials Oil Frankincense Single.

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