Mantra Essentials Oil – Lemon


Product Benefits:

  • Creates a positive environment
  • Used to improve the wellbeing experience during massages
  • Natural ingredients
  • Perfect for cleaning the air and surfaces are purifying qualities
  • Has a fresh, vivifying perfume that uplifts the spirit and encourages a cheerful perspective


HempWorx Mantra Essentials Oil – Lemon

An oasis of aromas with Mantra Essential Oils

HempWorx Mantra Essential Oil Lemon is the ideal essential oil to utilize in your daily life, whether you need to reset and start over or you just want to wake up feeling focused and optimistic. Mantra Lemon Single Oil infuses each environment it touches with a revitalizing and upbeat energy. Additionally, it’s a fantastic supplement to regular home cleansers. See for yourself how vibrant and energizing HempWorx Mantra Essential Lemon Oil is.

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