Mantra Essentials Oil – Peppermint


Product Benefits:

  • When inhaled it uplifts and enlivens the senses
  • Has a cooling effect when applied topically and diluted.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Aroma that is stimulating and invigorating


HempWorx Mantra Essentials Oil – Peppermint

An oasis of aromas with Mantra Essential Oils

Nothing concentrates your emotions or wakes the senses quite like Mantra Essentials Oil – Peppermint, whether you’re starting your day with focus or getting through a lunchtime slump. Mantra Essentials Oil Peppermint Single, in actuality, provides a number of advantages. Its fresh, calming, and energizing perfume makes it the ideal scent to help you shine and get through the rest of the day. Discover for yourself the fresh and energetic scent of Mantra Peppermint. Use with HempWorx Spa Value Pack

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